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What Does the EU Green Deal Predict?

The European Green Deal, announced in December 2019, is the EU's strategy to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement goals, and heralds a total economic and social transformation. The Green Consensus aims to reduce the climate footprint in all sectors from industry to agriculture, from construction to transportation, to act in line with the principles of sustainability, to separate circular economy and resource use from economic growth, to eliminate damage to the environment and nature, to protect and recover biodiversity, to use renewable energy and carbon capture and It consists of many different elements such as investing in stocking technologies. The aim is to reduce the global temperature increase to below 2 degrees Celsius and to limit it to 1.5 degrees if possible, and to reach the goal of being climate neutral by 2050, as stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement. In addition, within the framework of the sustainability principle, it is aimed to regulate the relationship of humanity with nature and the environment and to create a new economic growth model without compromising the right of future generations to live in a clean environment.


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Our project is about establishing a professional strategic partnership to increase energy efficiency and green awareness. The realization of the industrial revolution in EU countries and in our country depends on the availability of trained manpower and the efficient use of energy.

It is known that with industrial revolutions, the need for highly qualified manpower will increase and new professions will emerge. It is among our priorities to identify people's educational habits, practices and usage habits related to electrical and electronic devices, who use vocational education tools and integrate energy efficiency issues into vocational education.

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